F Zhi Diao (extended) 20

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C/ (Db E F G Ab B) C Db E F G Ab (B) C Db E F G Ab B C

Material: carbon steel 

Price: € 2257.00 - 30% off

  • The instrument comes with the bag

  • The price include worldwide shipping by DHL with 100% inssurance

  • In case you prefer paying with Paypal, all fees will be charged to you, and will be added to the final price

  • We DON'T cover custom fees that may apply in your country ;)​​

  • The instrument will be placed inside the soft bag, which will be surrounded by bubble plastic, and a reinforced fiberglass helmet. Our carton box is custom made and in compliance with international shipping standards, the edges and voids inside the carton will be filled with foam and  kraft paper

  • The Tracking code (WayBill) will be informed by e-mail

  • Once the payment is confirmed, the instrument can take from 3 to 15 days to be shipped. After shipped, it will arrive from 5 to 15 days